Tuesday, February 7, 2012

This is my friend Angie.

[photo: Annie Harton]

That's her- there on the left. She is an all-around awesome person. She has a quiet but wicked sense of humor, a ridiculous work ethic, a penchant for befriending religious folk, a stellar social work resume, a love of Stephen Colbert, and a talent for getting into the very best grad schools. In her downtime she enjoys watching hilariously bad karaoke singers at a dive bar called Trevi's with her equally-awesome mother.

 Angie and I met in Rome, hung out by the real Trevi fountain, and continued our friendship in South Bend, Indiana at Saint Mary's College. We may or may not have cranked up the radio and belted to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance on many occasions... while driving to 7am mass. It's also possible that we celebrated the end of our college years at a dive bar called Trevi's, watching some hilariously bad karoke singers, with her awesome mother.

Together with classmates at the real Trevi.  [photo: Mary Miller]

Tonight I had a conversation with Hannah about how going to grad school right after college is not the best idea for a lot of people.

"Except Angie, of course," I said. "She's like a grad school machine."

"Definitely," Hannah agreed, "she's totally meant for academia."

"Yeah, and religious stuff."

"She is social work + academia."

"Religion-Social Work-Academia-World. That's her."

And then Hannah pops out, "You know what? She should just be the Pope."

As I burst out laughing, she continued, "No, but seriously though- if I was a cardinal I would vote for her. Absolutely. She needs to just be the Pope already."

So, Angie: if I don't get to see you in more of these graduation caps, you best be sporting your Pope hat and robes.

Angie between our lovely mothers.

You always wanted to go back to Rome anyways, right? ;)

P.S. Angie, will this do for that recommendation of yours that I'm supposed to write?

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