Saturday, September 3, 2011


Hello everyone! Here begins the second installment of my blog life, here in Amsterdam. Three years ago Attraversiamo was born, and subsequently died after my time in wonderful Rome was done. Here I'm continuing the theme of blogging while abroad, and using a word in the native language for the blog title. And hey!- they both begin with "A"s! Maybe I'm starting a pattern here. Alstublieft is Dutch for please/here you go. It seems to be used for everything here though, hence why it's stuck in my head. I always seem to get a foreign language word or phrase stuck in my head when studying a language (yeah... not the case) or being surrounded by a new culture and language (that's more like it). I added the subtitle of secondhand exposure because 1) Yes, though I am in the great city of Amsterdam, I am only receiving secondhand exposure to what this city seems to have an international reputation for. And more so because 2) You, the one reading, are most likely not here in Amsterdam with me, so here I'll try to give you some secondhand exposure to what it's like to be here! Of course, in true "me" fashion, I'm starting this a month in, with only a month left- so expect a backlog of posts that I've saved up in my head until I catch up to the present moment.

So, alstublieft: have fun reading- and looking at the photos!

[photo credit: Mae Ramati]


  1. Yay!! Love your post, can't wait to hear more. And love the picture of you! Miss you bunches!
    ~Aunt Annie

  2. Rebecca was here to stay overnight with us last weekend & we missed you terribly; just didn't seem right without you. ENJOYED your POST & photo & look forward to future ones. You missed an historic opening game! Temp. in mid to hi 90s & game suspended twice due to weather storms/lighting alerts. And we lost 23-20; hard on G'pa, but we survived the 2 hottest days since we arrived.And today's hi predicted to be mid 6os. I'm auditing Images of Women in American Film, a 410 History Course, at SMC this semester; I think you would like it! Much Love, G'ma