Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Crowd Personalities: A Photo Story

At the parade there were also a lot of interesting people walking along the canal. I love photographing regular people out on the streets- some have such a unique style! [ Makes me feel a bit like an amateur version of The Sartorialist :) ]

P.S. At least on my web browser, the quality of my photos seems to be decreased when published on here... rrrr... if you could only see the real beauty of them...
Hangin' out of the windows.
To give you an idea of just how crowded the streets were!
boho + preppy
Oh hey! I found some buff Scottish relatives over here.
The father and daughter standing next to me during the parade.
rainbowed out
silver sequin dress + pink
Somehow this guy reminds me of Kermit.
pink boas
Nice colors. PLUS, did you see that thing on his head?! I'm not even sure I saw it when I took this photo.
time wrapped up in pearls
Attractive man confident enough to wear a baby out in public... you know I can't resist.
I thought this was a hilarious festival sight: boats on the canal that sell alcohol to passing party boats- handing money and wine bottles to one another precariously over the water!
the end

--> Who's your favorite? <--

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