Saturday, September 3, 2011

Amsterdam Gay Pride Parade

The very first weekend I was here, Amsterdam had its famous Gay Pride Festival. What's especially awesome about their parade is that it's done on the canals, so the "floats" are actually floats! It was great to see the city come alive with a festival in the first couple of days I was here. Yes, it was crazy, and yes, there were some absolutely hilarious outfits! But the best thing was that so many people- gay, straight, teenagers, adults, kids, families- participated and watched from the streets, piled on top of strangers' front stoops, or hung out of windows along the canal. It was a fun atmosphere to be in. And in the end? It's just all about love!

Floats with awesome messages:

The postal service... clever with the barcode, no?

"I can be myself at work"- Company Pride Platform

10 years of marriage between two men/two women in the Netherlands! And the institution of marriage hasn't come crashing down over here!... shocking...

Gay & straight play rugby. Interesting.

Rainbows and different country flags

"Poz & Proud: gay men with HIV"

UvA Pride: University of Amsterdam float. How scholarly they all look. Ha!


Totally ridiculous! The "Amsterdam Musketeers: All for guys! Guys for all!" Hilarious.


"Christian and gay"

"Oh, happy gay!" Haha.

Psychiatric and Addiction Care: "Away With Stigmas," "No Drugs, Still Crazy!"

"addicted to LOVE"

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