Thursday, September 22, 2011

Uit Markt

Next up:
A series of posts about the Uit Markt festival from the 26-29th of August.

 The Uit Markt is "the official opening event of the new cultural season. The Uitmarkt is an annual fixture in Amsterdam's cultural calendar... it draws around 500,000 visitors each year- visitors who are interested in arts and culture in every shape and form. The Uitmarkt reflects all aspects of Dutch cultural life and focuses on what will be offered on Dutch stages and in Dutch museums in the coming cultural season."

Despite the sporadic rain, I had an awesome time exploring the festival with Sophia, Eli, and James. Most of the events took place at Museumplein. I ate a yummy fried ham sandwich (broodjes), some delicious poffertjes, and saw some great music and DANCE!

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