Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Cheese. What a wonderful thing.

The shop's oldest cheese ("oude kaas")- aged 3 years. Great flavor.
 Today I stopped into a cheese shop- one thing Amsterdam/Holland is famous for. I sampled some delicious cheeses and had a cheese croissant. I could live off of croissants. But cheese is even better :) .

Buttery, flaky, CHEESY goodness.

This one tasted strongly of wine (had either wine or grapes in it).
The youngest cheese in the shop was aged 9 months ("jonge kaas"). The labels of "jonge" and "oude" kaas in the grocery stores finally make more sense.

Sage cheese... looks funky.
Is this not one of the most appetizing bread displays you have ever seen?!


  1. That first picture of the cheese is amazing! I was in Amsterdam in October and can't believe I missed this place. Guess I'll have to go back again :)

  2. Thanks! I'd love to go back again too- Amsterdam is such a great place!