Saturday, October 8, 2011

Officially on the road

As of this morning, I am officially out of Amsterdam and on the road again. Which means living only out of my backpack and a small carry-on size suitcase for the next month. Looks like I'm "roller-bagging it" around Europe again (term coined while traveling with Genevieve after studying in Rome).

My internship doing social psychology research at the VU in Amsterdam finished up last week. For the past week I've been hanging around Amsterdam soaking up the sun (but more so rain...), exploring parts of the city I hadn't before, and getting to know Eren and Arash, who let me crash with them for the week.

Now I'm currently in Belgium (outside of Brussels) for a week, staying with two psychologists. I'm glad for the change in scenery and psychology environment, and I'm excited about what I will encounter this next week! Images are from some of the last sunny, summery days in Amsterdam.

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